Tuesday, November 4, 2008

pizza, pizza

That reminds me of the slogan for Little Ceaser's Pizza(R) . This is what I first thought of as pizza, dare I say, good pizza when I was a young child. I have since been edumacated on Pizza, of course I grew up in Chicago (Go Barrak!!) so I had a head start. And of course I also ended up being partial to deep dish although I do enjoy a good coal/wood fired pizza.

Weirldy one of the pizzas that made an impr3ssion on me recently was a seafood pizza I had in the Grendaine islands of the carabean. We have been trying to replicate it. And getting closer but am not there yet. We did make this one with shrimp and red snapper and it was good. The fish was parcooked before baking. Lots of basil, red bell pepper, motzarella cheese and a bechamel type sauce.

I do make my own crust and I use the over night method as that seems to add that yeasty flavor I expect in a pizza crust.

I will post more details later on my techniques, such as always baking at high temp ~500F

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